Sewer Upgrade

The City of Inkster is currently in the process of upgrading the Farnum Sanitary Sewer District. This District is generally bounded by Henry Ruff Road to the west, Middlebelt Road to the east, Michigan Avenue to the north, and Annapolis Avenue to the south. The improvements are needed to address eliminating the connection between the sanitary and the storm sewer systems.

The project will allow the city to comply with the State permitting requirements and avoid violations related to this district. The project will also allow the City to redirect storm water to the River Rouge watershed. The work will involve the installation of larger underground storm and sanitary sewer lines within certain areas of the District.

Stantec Consulting Michigan, Inc. (Stantec) is the City’s design consultant on the project and will be working with their sub-consultants in the area described above performing survey’s, soil borings, utility locating, etc. over the next few months. Actual construction is anticipated to start in the spring of 2010.

If you have any questions or wish to view the preliminary construction plans, please feel free to contact the City of Inkster at 313-563-7710 or Stantec Consultants - Mr. Mark D. Pascoe, PE, LEED, AP - Senior Project Manager at 734-214-1865.