Department Overview

The Treasury Department is the controlling agency for the management of financial operations for the City in accordance with fiscal policies established by the City Council. The primary goals of this Department are:

  1. The establishment and maintenance of effective centralized resource accounting systems
  2. The control of the assets and financial operations of the City
  3. Provision of the framework for financial planning, purchasing, and analysis
  4. Coordination of pension information, and
  5. Supporting labor negotiations. To carry out these objectives, the Department manages four functional categories with overlapping responsibilities to ensure an adequate system of internal controls.

Revenues & Collections

This activity of the Treasury Department is the "front office" which is most familiar to the general public. This is where property taxes, business license fees, and water bills are paid.


The two systems accounting for the disbursement of City funds are the payroll and accounts payable systems. In addition, these systems are supported by a full purchasing system that includes encumbrances.

Administration & Support

This activity provides accounting and financial management services to the City. These include general ledger and budgetary accounting, treasury management and investments, budget preparation and analysis, systems development, and general supervision of the Department.


All taxable real estate must be identified and placed on the tax rolls according to its market value. Appraisals of new construction, reappraisals of existing buildings, land value calculation, homestead administration, classification, gathering of sales information, and keeping property files current are tasks performed within this activity. New buildings and plats are added to the tax rolls each year as of December 31.

  1. FY 2023 Budget
  2. FY 2022 Budget

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