Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Install at least one UL-listed carbon monoxide detector in every home. A good place for a detector to be installed would be in or near the utility room.

Feeling of Illness

If no one is feeling ill:
  1. Silence the alarm
  2. Turn off all appliances and sources of combustion (furnace and fireplace)
  3. Ventilate the house with fresh air by opening doors and windows
  4. Call a qualified professional to investigate the source of the possible carbon monoxide build-up (gas company or Fire Department)
If illness is suspected or a factor:
  • Evacuate all occupants immediately
  • Determine how many occupants are ill and their symptoms
  • Call "9-1-1"
  • Do not re-enter the home without the approval of a Fire Department representative
  • Call a qualified professional to repair the source of the carbon monoxide.