Detective Bureau

The Inkster Detective Bureau remains truly committed to the service of the Community.

The Inkster Detective Bureau handles all serious crime within the City of Inkster. The Detective Bureau also oversees the Narcotic Unit, Homicide Unit, Property Control, and the Forfeiture Cases. The Inkster Detective Bureau investigates crimes ranging from property crimes (such as breaking and entry, larceny) to more serious crimes (such as sexual assaults, fraud, armed robbery and murder).


In 2003 the Detective Bureau reorganized to place more resources and emphasis on Homicides and other violent crimes. The results have been a dramatic increase in the prosecution of homicides and other violent crimes, we are currently at a ninety percent solve rate. The Inkster Detective Bureau is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with detectives who are also assigned new individual cases on a daily basis.

Property Disposal

The Detective Bureau periodically disposes of unneeded property.  Per State requirements we need to publish a list of planned disposed items for 30 days, the current active disposal list can be viewed here. If link is broken then no list is available.