Snow & Ice Removal

An effective snow removal program can only be accomplished with the help of our citizens. The most important rule to remember is: When it snows 3 or more inches, or is expected to snow 3 or more inches, remove your parked vehicle from the street. This allows our crews to salt and plow the full width of our streets.

When snow plowing is required, the City will report the citywide snow emergency which means all parked vehicles must be removed from the streets or the owner will be ticketed and the car may be towed at the owner's expense.

By City Ordinance, residents, businesses or contractors clearing snow on private property are not allowed to deposit snow on public roadways, alleys, sidewalks or parking lots. Snow must be piled on customer's property only, or fines may be imposed. Driveway aprons may become blocked due to snow plowing, especially if many cars are parked on the street. Due to the hundreds of miles of roadway to be cleared in a short period of time, City crews cannot go back to clear blocked driveways.

Emergency Plan for Snow Removal & Ice Control

The Snow Emergency Ordinance provides a comprehensive plan to clean streets within the City in an efficient manner. Remember, your cooperation during the snow emergency is important! This ordinance provides for the removal of parked and stalled vehicles on City streets which hinder snow removal and cause serious traffic congestion. An emergency exists when snowfall is anticipated to be 4 inches or more.


While the snow emergency plan is in effect, there will be no parking of any vehicle on any portion of a snow emergency route this includes stalled vehicles. All vehicles must be removed from emergency routes immediately.

Snow Emergency Route Streets

  • Avondale - Henry Ruff to Beech Daly
  • Annapolis - Henry Ruff to Middlebelt and John Daly to Beech Daly
  • Andover - Henry Ruff to Fox
  • Carlysle - Beech Daly to Henry Ruff
  • Cherry Hill - Inkster to Beech Daly
  • Harrison - Annapolis to Cherry Hill
  • John Daly - Cherry Hill to Annapolis
  • Princeton - John Daly to Sylvia
Note: All other streets are considered secondary streets.

Secondary Streets

On secondary streets, vehicles may be parked on the side of the street with uneven addresses on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They may be parked on the side of the street with even addresses on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However, any “no parking” postings remain in effect during an emergency.