Planning & Community Development

Welcome to the City of Inkster Planning Department homepage. The Planning and Community Development Department works with all community stakeholders to improve Inkster’s quality of life.  This department is the primary contact and liaison for the City’s Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Downtown Development Authority, and Tax Increment Financing Authority.  

To expand and preserve Inkster’s community and economic growth, this department is structured around the following core services:


  • Planning and Zoning Services
  • Community Development

Planning and Zoning

The following documents provide more understanding of the City’s zoning and land-use regulations. Applications to help you communicate your planning and zoning needs are also provided below. If you are planning a project in Inkster, reach out to the Planning Department team to schedule a pre-application meeting.


Forms and Applications are available in the Forms Section of our website.


Community Development 

Contact the Community Development team for resources regarding housing rehabilitation, the sale of city-owned land, the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, and Michigan Opportunity Zones.



The following ordinances can be useful as you navigate the zoning requirements for opening a business or developing a project. Review the Latest Ordinances page to be up to date on all recent ordinance text amendments.

Master Plan

A Master Plan is a document and policy guide designed to help communities create a vision of what they want their city to look like in the future.  Master Plans help guide communities in their decisions on land use development and preservation.  Master Plans are written and adopted by a local Planning Commission and might also be adopted by a local legislative body, although Master Plans are not laws on their own.  For the City of Inkster’s Master Plan, see below.



Cost of City Services and Applications

The cost of city services and applications, otherwise known as the fee schedule, is amended on a yearly basis and approved by the Council. See below.



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