Greetings Inkster,


It is with great pleasure as your newly elected mayor to not only welcome you into the New Year, but also a new decade. As we look ahead to the New Year we look forward not as individuals, but collectively as members of our community. 

2020 represents much more than a new year but of a "New 2020 Vision- Bringing it all into focus". It represents an opportunity for Inkster to discover, grow and unite more than we have with a new passion and zeal. It is with clear 20/20 vision that my administration will propel Inkster residents, business owners, and stakeholders into the 21st century with a more vibrant, safer, productive community.


As part of my 20/20 vision

  • I will along with the council and all city employees will operate with transparency and accessibility to all
  • I believe that those directly implemented by issues should have a seat and a voice at the table in finding solutions.
  • Working groups will be formed throughout the year that will allow and empower residents to advise, create and suggest policy or recommendations to my office and council.

We will together make strides and improvements in reducing crime through community empowerment and policing efforts and excited about a number of developments that we expect to break ground in the coming year.

I am excited to begin this New Year in service to each of you. And remember Inkster "You Matter" and "You Count" make sure your voice is heard and counted in the 2020 census.

I believe along with myself and the council we will engage inspiration, talent, and motivation that already exist within our community to make us stronger, better and prosperous.


On behalf of myself, staff, and family, we wish you and your family a wonderful New Year.


Yours in Service,


Patrick Wimberley, Mayor

City of Inkster

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