• No longer than 4 feet/No heavier than 50 pounds/Tied and bundled
  • A Resident hiring a private contractor for tree trimming/ removal must require that contractor to remove any brush, logs, or stumps.

Weekly curbside collection of yard waste begins April 52021 and ends December 172021. 

Residents are required to separate grass clippings, leaves, weeds, and other soft yard waste from regular trash.

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1. Trash Pick-Up?
2. Trash?
3. Trash Collection?
4. Proper Containers?
5. The Trash Contractor Does Not Pick Up:
6. Bulk Pick –Up?
7. Brush, Wood & Carpeting?
8. Compost Collection - Trees, wood, shrubs and brush?
9. Carpet?
10. Vacant Lots?
11. How can I reduce the amount of compost/yard waste?
12. Trash & Recycling Collection Schedule