Come Prepared

Documents required to obtain a residential building permit:

Residential Additions, Alterations, Accessory Buildings

  • Submit 2 copies of drawings and/or blue prints, They shall depict all elevations, floor plans, construction, foundation information, electrical drawings, heating/cooling and plumbing layouts. One copy will be retained by the Building Department and one copy returned to the applicant.
  • Submit one copy of a plot plan and building permit application.
  • Contractors must submit a copy of their State of Michigan Residential Builders License and State of Michigan photo I.D./driver license, in addition to proof of liability insurance. A photo I.D./drivers license, and proof of residency is required when the applicant is a homeowner.

New Single Family Residence

  • Submit 3 copies of site grade elevations, prepared by a licensed, registered surveyor or engineer. Two copies will be returned to the applicant.
  • Submit 3 complete sets of construction documents for the building.
  • All submittals shall contain the following regardless of the portion to be completed by the applicant:
    • Structure elevations
    • Floor plan
    • Foundation plan
    • Mechanical plans and heat calculations, electrical and plumbing plans
    • Detail drawings, wall sections, door and window schedules
    • Truss and/or rafter information (truss drawings must be sealed)
  • Submit building application as it applies to your projects. All submittals must contain the following:
    • Property Identification number available at the Building Department. Applications without an address cannot be accepted.
    • A copy of the State of Michigan Residential Builders License and State of Michigan photo I.D./driver license.
  • Apply and pay for water and sewer tap fees, sewer line inspection fees, driveway approach permit.
  • A "Permit to Haul" must be obtained to move a pre-fabricated or modular home.