Make a Home Fire Escape Plan

Is there a smoke detector on every floor of your house? Don't bother getting dressed or gathering valuables!  Dedicate an area away from the house as a meeting place. Check to make sure that everyone is safe. Get out and stay out, never return to a burning building.

Prepare Your Escape Plan

Make a floor plan of your house.  Draw all doors, windows and stairs.  From each bedroom, decide which window would be best for a quick escape.  Draw on your floor plan the normal exits with a solid black line.  Draw the emergency that you would use with a dotted line, if the normal exit were blocked with fire or smoke.

Practice Your Escape Plan

Start with each of the family members in their own bedroom.  Start the alarm! Have everyone get down and crawl along the floor.  Check the door by feeling it to see if it is hot.  If the door is hot or there is smoke coming in, then use the emergency way out through the window.  If it is not hot and no smoke is coming in then open the door slowly, being ready to shut it quickly.  Make certain that windows will open easily.  Be ready to help infants or elderly.  Everyone should meet at the designated meeting place.  Make sure everyone is accounted for. Practice Both the Normal and Emergency Exit Plans.