How Do I Read My New Water Meter?
The new water meters read in cubic feet. The odometer reading has a visual resolution going down to 1/100th of a cubic foot which shows as 000000.0 00

Billing units are 100 cubic feet. The first 4 digits from left to right are the billing units. When the 10th and 100th position of the odometer (the last 2 from right to left) are both 0, they will not light up. This is why you will sometimes see 3 numbers after the decimal point and other times just 1. The only purpose of the decimal points is for accuracy testing.

The City of Inkster bills for water and sewer in 100 cubic feet increments, this is known as a billing unit. When readings are transferred from the meter reading computer to the billing computer, only the billing units (the 4 zeroes from left to right that are wrapped with a white line) go to the billing computer.

To get a reading in 100-cubic-foot, you would read the first 4 digits from left to right. Billing units have a white line going around them.

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