Why is my bill so high?
There are a number of reasons it could appear to be high but we estimate, on average, that each person in the household will use anywhere from 10 to 15 units per person, per quarterly billing.

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1. When do I receive a water bill?
2. Do we purchase our water from the City of Detroit or somewhere else?
3. Explain the sewer charge?
4. What is a sur-charge?
5. Why is there a meter charge on my bill?
6. How is my bill computed?
7. What is a unit?
8. How are the water and sewer rates established?
9. What does arrears mean?
10. If I overpay my bill or the city over-bills my account, will my bill be adjusted?
11. Does a main break have an effect on my bill?
12. Is a meter leak my problem or the City’s?
13. If I turn the water off at the meter and not use any water will I still get a bill?
14. What is a minimum bill?
15. Why is my bill so high?
16. What do I need to do to ensure that my water account is paid up-to-date before I move from my home?
17. How do I change my mailing address or put my name on the account?