Where is the Green Zone?

It depends on the use. Medical and Recreational Dispensaries/Provisioning Centers can be located in the B-1, Local Business District, B-2, Thoroughfare Mixed Use District, B-3, General Business District, and TCD, Town Center District. These uses must be 1,000ft away (measured from front door to front door) from each other, schools, childcare, City playgrounds, Microbusinesses, and Churches (Drug Free Zones).

Microbusinesses have the same rules as above, but also must be located in the Entertainment District (Michigan Ave, between Henry Ruff Rd and Middlebelt). 

Both Recreational and Medical Marijuana Cultivation, Processing, Testing, Transport, or any use that is NOT retail MUST be in the M-1, Light Industrial District. They must be 300ft from Residentially Zoned properties (measured from front door to front door).

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1. Where is the Green Zone?
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