William T. Riley III

Chief's Office / Staff
Title: Police Chief
Phone: 313-563-9850 Ext. 3100
Chiefs Shortened Bio

Chief of Police William T. Riley, III is a native of Newport News, Virginia where he began his career at the Newport News Police Department in 1984. Chief Riley worked his way through the ranks until he was called to duty as Master of Arms for the U.S. Navy following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on New York. In 2002, Chief Riley returned to Newport News as a Police Lieutenant, was later promoted to Captain in 2007 and became the Police Chief for the historical City of Selma, Alabama in 2008 where his main focus was the restructuring of the police department and formation of community partnerships.

On August 10, 2015, Chief Riley took the oath to become the Police Chief for

the City of Inkster, Michigan. In an effort to transform a battered and bruised, understaffed and underfunded police department, Chief Riley re-established essential divisions and formed additional new units thus creating a successful police department that provides quality service to its residents.

In addition to numerous community partnerships, Chief Riley serves on the Board of Directors, the Substance Use Disorder Policy Board, the Program Compliance Committee, and is the Chairperson for the Recipient Rights Committee for Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN). Chief Riley also serves on the boards of the Boy Scouts of America Great Lakes Field Service Council, Chance for Life Organization, and is a member of the Advisory Board for the Michigan Intelligence Operations Center for Homeland Security.


  • Executive Police ManagementUniversity Partnership of Alabama for Continuing Education (UPACE)
  • Senior Management Institute for PolicePolice Executive Research Forum (PERF)36th Session– Boston UniversityBoston, MA
  • AdministrativeOfficersManagementProgram(AOMP)37thSessionNorthCarolinaStateUniversity Raleigh, NC
  • Mid Atlantic Supervisory Institute for Police Management– Christopher Newport University– Newport News, VA
  • Saint Paul’sCollege– B.A. in Political Science– Lawrenceville, VA

Chief Riley is a forward thinker with deep community roots, and in his own words shares the following: “As a Law Enforcement Executive, I am dedicated in promoting guidance in the careers and personal development of our youth and young adults. The cornerstone of my leadership is a policing philosophy that is structured around people, proactive crime prevention, utilization of crime analysis technology and working together with other agencies to achieve a collaborative community-oriented government. I am an innovative leader and experienced in establishing a team-based approach to problem solving. I am mission driven and also dedicated to the policing profession. I recognize the importance of utilizing the policing philosophies of Neighborhood Policing, Intelligence Policing and Policing through Environmental Design. My policing techniques have been mentioned in the following articles “POLICE, The Law Enforcement Magazine” and “Security Director News” magazines in regards to reducing crime utilizing surveillance systems. I have also received recognition in an article from American Traffic Solutions (ATS) for enhancing public safety in the City of Selma by paving the way for the city to implement a city wide Intersection “Safety Camera” program."

Chief Riley is married to Delcenia Riley and they have two children, a son and a daughter.


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